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"Skepticism after U.S. releases secret NSA order"

But, ZOMG, why? Anyhow, that's the front page headline in Pravda for this story. When you've lost Fred Hiatt...

The Obama administration on Wednesday made public a previously classified order that directed a company identified by U.S. officials as Verizon Communications to turn over a vast number of Americans’ phone records.

A statement issued by Clapper’s office said he “has determined that the release of these documents is in the public interest.”

Some senators were perturbed that the government waited until moments before the hearing to release the FISA court order and two other documents about the National Security Agency’s bulk collection programs.

It gets better:

Although no company names appear on the heavily redacted court order, senior U.S. officials said it was issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to a subsidiary of Verizon in April.

So, even assuming it's a real order -- and not the "least untruthful" order -- we really don't even know it's for Verizon.

This is what they bumped Greenwald for. Pathetic

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It's kabuki. The Congress will hmm and haw and do nothing. The August recess is coming up. By the time, Congress returns. Washington, both Democrats and Republicans, is calculating this will be long forgotten. This is why I am hoping that Glen Greenwald and Snowden have saved up some September and October surprises.

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of Greenwald with an unremarkable (given what is now known) and heavily redacted (why on earth for, at this point) document. With the imminent recess to bolster the attempt at deleting the issue from public scrutiny.

Yes, let's hope Greenwald and Snowden now have the opportunity to prepare plan B in safety until their next disclosure.