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SJC hearings on FISA

Link Here (RealAudio; not on C-SPAN, unbelievably).

Extremely difficult for me to listen to this without putting my fist through the screen when a Republican is speaking. Or screaming at the Democrats to grow spines. Even Whitehouse is being overly deferential.

All I hear is "Protect America Act," "Protect America Act," "Protect America Act," "Protect America Act," "Protect America Act"... How the fuck did Reid manage to hand the Republicans the weapon of repeating that over and over again? Complicity is the only answer I can come up with.

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The top tier Dems WANT the powers the Busheviks have arrogated illegally unto themselves. They BELIEVE the Executive needs these authoritarian/totalitarian powers. "Protecting the country" is an empty rhetorical smokescreen. These powers do less to protect the country than to protect the abusers of such powers...
And that's the bottom line: Cover THINE Ass!

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