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Site relaunch (5)

[I'm stickying this because the relaunch is coming, and I know that people don't necessarily like surprises... Also, frankly, I'm pretty impressed with myself for having done this! --lambert]

Coming down the home stretch, really!* So in this piece I'm going to introduce a number of new features so you can go play around with them and get used to them (and/or give me feedback).

There are two major new ways to interact with many posts, besides the existing front page:

1. The incidents report map. Go play; look for "Select incident class," scroll to and click Walmart, then Apply, and you will see many of the incidents that DCBlogger curated in her recent post on Walmart (though not all; I ran out of time). NOTE: There is a Help feature at top left.

2. The pinboard. Go play; I think the pinboard is a fun new way to organize posts, with a lot of potential. I've "pinned" all of the following posts on it, in the "Help Desk" category, so you can get to them either by going to the pinboard and clicking their titles there, or by clicking below. NOTE: There is a Help feature at top left.

3. You can add posts to the pinboard

4. You can create logo art

5. You can make incident reports

6. You can make slideshows

7. You can storify

What I am trying to do here -- besides build a site that will allow me to do the kind of blogging I want to do for the next five years -- is make Corrente the best place for serious bloggers to create content on the web. If it isn't already. The most important piece of the puzzle is the existing community. But tools count too.**

NOTE * Converting out 37,000+ posts and then doing a boatload of configuration and QA is about two solid days of work, so I'm going to shoot for this weekend. There will be a bit of a shakedown cruise after that, as everybody uses this big site in their own way, but that is normal...

NOTE ** For example -- and it's funny Bruce posted on a parallel topic, great minds, etc. -- I would like people who blog for Corrente to be able to tweet, share, and storify their posts from a single workplace here at Corrente -- instead of having to maintain three different platforms. I'm doing that now, and it's driving me nuts. Also too, you aren't a product here.

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