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Site relaunch (3)

UPDATE Added video below.

Corrente has a massive back catalog of incredibly diverse writing dating back (at this site) to 2005. Unfortunately for readers -- and even more unfortunately for writers -- it's almost impossible to find anything using the standard search tool; I'm reduced to finding my own work on my own site with Google.

That's not only ridiculous, Google doesn't take advantage of the structure of the site: It doesn't understand author, content type, or tags, for example. So I can't even ask it: "Give me all the blog posts by lambert about General Petraeus that are tagged with 'Fuck.'" For example.

So I installed the Apache Solr search module, which is a great improvement. This works better in video, but here is a screen shot:

cape honeysuckle

Features of interest:

1. You can share the search by copying the search URL, which is kinda nifty.

2. You can rrefine the search by "facets": I refined the initial search on "Petraeus" to posts by me from 2007 that are tagged with 'Fuck."

3. The formatting of the search results is more normal (if Google be considered normal).

So I hope this is both and improvement and more fun. Playing with the facets is like eating peanuts: Here are PA Lady's two posts on the Marcellus Shale, for example.

UPDATE Here is a video of a search. There's a story!

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