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Sister Edgeoforever Explains Dennis Kucinich to You...

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This is a must-read from Edgeoforever. At last, we know what Kucinich got in exchange for his vote on Health Whatever.

Via the Salon article she quotes (h/t Chris Floyd):

Here's something you don't see every day: A Democratic campaign committee not only embracing Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, but using his name and image on a fundraising appeal.

On Wednesday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee e-mailed supporters a letter from Kucinich touting the healthcare reform bill that President Obama just signed into law and asking for donations....


Under current circumstances, though, using Kucinich makes perfect sense. He can appeal to liberals who might not open their wallets for a lot of other members of Congress, and his seal of approval can be used in an effort to convince Democrats who think the reform legislation doesn't go far enough that they should stay active with the party this year anyway (emphasis mine).

If Kucinich can let himself be used in a fundraising scheme to trick well-intentioned regressives/liberals into thinking that this time, Lucy WILL hold that football, then I think we can safely say, it's dead, Jim...the myth of the "good Democrat," that is.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

but as Krasting post makes clear, some things are beyond spin. It will be clear that this bill will not make things better for most people.

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Submitted by JG on

The status quo projections were dire. Even if the health care system's problems worsen, supporters of the current legislation will be able to credibly say that things would have been worse without it.

For an example where this has already happened, see the Recovery Act.