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Single payer: "Vermont to hire analyst for single payer design"

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The state of Vermont is planning to hire an analyst to help design a single-payer health care system and officials are narrowing the options that could be used to raise about $2 billion in public financing for the program.

Potential bidders for the single-payer contract include consultants from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Rand Corporation.

Bids were due Friday. It's hoped the firm can be working by July 1.

Vermont Public Radio reports that whoever wins the contract will use complex modeling tools to conduct micro-simulations of various public financing possibilities. The simulations are designed to determine if moving to a single-payer system will be better or worse for Vermonters.

That's actually a neat idea, even if IT does suck. I just hope they don't pick RAND...

Although it is a little unnerving that they're looking for a technical solution to a political problem.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

doesn't sound much different than the mess already in place.

Submitted by lambert on

Financing has to be done with taxes since they're at the state level. And I understand that's been a political hot potato. So perhaps the consultants are there to provide the appropriate level of obfuscation.

The financing mechanism could be "complex" and the delivery mechanism simple... Unless it's a neoliberal infestation, in which case they'll crapify it with fees and eligibility requirements.