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Single-payer thread climbing up the charts at DU

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FYI, I'm "LWCON" on Democratic Underground.

If you have a DU account, please "K&R" this thread. It currently has 25 R's (recommendations), and each K (kick -- i.e., reply) jumps it back to the top of active threads.

So far, this has been one of the most constructive threads I've seen on DU for some time. Any tips, links, etc. that will help influence DUers to get active on this will help draw attention to this critical issue, so please join in!

If you don't have an existing DU account, you can get one and can post replies, though you need to be active for a while before you're allowed to recommend threads.

Within minutes of posting, the post had the requisite # of threads to appear on the "greatest page," the list of the most-recommended posts in the last 24-hours. How high will it go?

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I GBCWed a time or two, but I now use it on occasion to try to get a message out or input from a large group of self-described Democrats, even if its halls echo with the stench of CDS and STFU.

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The thread now has 61 recommendations and is the sixth-highest rated post on DU.

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Finally tally, 113 recommendations in 24 hours!

The "kicks" (replies) keep coming in. I loved this recent reply from DU user "radhika":

Loud and Clear at my local groups

Thursday, I Moderated a discussion group on healthcare mostly of seniors. Today I was a participant in another discussion - a more diverse group demographically. Good news! Even though the discussion materials provided through Obama's website all stressed buying insurance through for-profit healthplans and insurance companies, the folks are having none of that. They are speaking up Loud and Clear for Single Payer.

This comes from young, old, healthy, sick, patients, hospital administrators and physicians. We recognize that WE have to do the advocacy and MARKETING TO SELL THIS IDEA TO THE MASSES enough to force congress' hand. Agreed: this is one time that Shock and Awe could work for progressives if we grab onto it and don't let go.

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i'd go give it another kick if they'd hurry up and email me a password.

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Oh yes, please - give us a National Health Service - definitely K&R!

I'm from the UK and I certainly know the difference. Yes it's not perfect. Yes there's waiting lists and the most cutting edge treatment may not be covered, but this I know: I'm convinced that if my grand-dad was living under US style healthcare he'd have been dead in 1984 rather in 2004. He was self employed as a contract gardener, hardly a person who makes lots of money. But probably someone who would have made too much money for Medicaid. He had two heart attacks, and had emphysema and some other health problems I was probably shielded from. The NHS took care of all his treatment, paid for all his medicines (well when he worked he was capped at #100 GBP a year or thereabouts). He wasn't bankrupted from medical bills. Similar story with my dad... he was self employed, no way could he afford private insurance. He had a major bowel surgery and a triple heart bypass all at once... never a cheap operation. Had he been in the US, I don't think he'd still be with us today.