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Single payer support, the letters just keep coming

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Northwest Herald

Single payer, Medicare for all ages, is the economical health coverage. With the $400 billion that private insurers now waste on marketing, CEOs could cover all of those uncovered by the private insurers.

Private health insurance does not work. Between the loopholes and copayments and letting people get sicker, many middle class people are one serious illness away from bankruptcy, despite three-fourths having insurance.

Rome Sentinel

I once heard a wise man say "only those that don’t use their healthcare insurance are happy with it." You cannot imagine the amount of truth in that statement.

Are you aware that every member of Congress and the Senate has a terrific medical and retirement plan, paid for by you?

That's socialized medicine folks, and it works splendidly. That's why they gave it to themselves. Don't you deserve what they have? Are they more entitled to peace of mind than you are?

Health care 'middlemen' must be replaced with single payer system

We need to get the middlemen out of health care. The way to do it is with a single payer (Medicare for all) type of system. Everyone pays into the same health care pool, and everyone is afforded comprehensive coverage with choice of doctors and providers. Overhead expenses are cut to a minimum, allowing more money to go to health care. We can provide medical, dental, Rx, vision and elder care for everyone for less than we are currently spending.

In Pennsylvania, there are bills in both the Senate and the House (SB400 and HB1660) that would provide the health care I just described for less than what most people with coverage (or their employers) are spending. The cost would be based on a percentage of taxable income (3 percent for individuals; business would pay 10 percent of payroll).

Letters to the editor remain our best tool for getting word out to the general public and persuading editors that single payer has viable popular support.

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