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Single payer, the road ahead

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Dr. Rob Stone

No matter what happens, one prediction is certain: we have to continue to build our movement. Next time around we have to get everyone in Congress who plans to vote for reform this time to vote for real single payer reform, to push for Medicare Part E - E is for Everyone. And that would prove the delusional ones were right after all.

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At the very minimum, the new bill should allow individual states to set up single payer options as an alternative to forced participation in the present inefficient privately-run system.

Letter to the Oakland County Daily Tribune

The single payer option is the only option that pays for itself in a few short years.

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Letter to the Curry Coastal Pilot

And, yes, we can afford it, if we listen to the needs of our people, rather than the insurance companies. H.R. 676, Single Payer Healthcare, ensures that everyone is in, and no one is out, and it affordably covers medical, dental, and even mental health.

Letters to the editor remain our best way of getting out our message. Major talking points, Medicare for All is privately provided, publicly funded health care, just like Medicare! Medicare for All would save the federal government $350 billion a year.

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