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Single payer rally in Louisville and today's news

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Dozens Gather For Healthcare Rally

Advocates for a single payer healthcare system gathered in Louisville Thursday for what’s become an annual rally.

Western Massachusetts PDA Mobilizes for HR 676

The Western Massachusetts Chapter of PDA with allies in the Western Mass. Single Payer Network convened for a lunchtime rally at the Federal Building in Springfield on Wednesday, May 27. One hundred strong, we once again sought a meeting to discuss single-payer healthcare with Rep. Richard Neal, one of only 3 Mass. Representatives who has not yet sponsored HR676.

Fort Collins health care forum set for Saturday

The event, which is connected with the National Day of Action for Health Care Reform, will cover state and national health care issues. The Health Care Justice Action Team of Foothills Unitarian Church and other groups sponsored the event, which coincides with a National Day of Action for Health Care Reform.

Single-Payer Actions Planned in Over Fifty Cities

NATIONWIDE - May 28 - As the Obama administration calls for health reform to be done this year, people in support of improved Medicare for all, a single-payer national health system, take to the streets in over 50 cities around May 30th. Single-payer advocates support the removal of for-profit insurers from providing basic health care, which would create enough savings, an estimated $400 billion a year, to guarantee health care to all. The Obama administration has repeatedly stated that single-payer is not being considered as an option for reform.

Town hall meetings, protests at insurance companies, rallies in state capitols, and vigils in memory of the 22,000 people who die each year because they lack health insurance will be taking place across the country.

Just within the past week my Google News Alerts have turned up a steady stream of right wing anti-single payer fear mongering. It is a good sign. It means we are transitioning the ridicule stage and entering the fight stage. Be of good cheer and watch your backs.

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