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Single Payer: Questions for Bernie

A reader writes that they're going to a constituent dinner with Bernie this Saturday, and at the dinner they're going to get to ask Bernie questions; that's the format. Here is theirs:

Can you promise me that we will get that ACA waiver for single payer in 2017 and if so, can you explain to me why you see no danger of the law's enemies being able to change that by then?

How can we insure that won't happen and pursue getting the waiver ASAP?

Readers? Can you improve this? (The reader's main priority is the waivers.)

Can you think of other single-payer related questions to ask? Maybe the reader can pass them along to others, and pepper Bernie!


NOTE Polite questions, that can really be asked....

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

I have the same question as MaryM and DC Blogger: Why is Sanders supporting S 915 (ex S 703) instead of HR 676, given the existing wide support for HR 676 and the existing infrastructure of supporting constituencies that may be leveraged by him at this critical juncture.

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Submitted by Splashoil on

Why is he including an open door for the rentiers such as Pete Peterson instead of keeping them out? That seems like a significant difference for a "Socialist." The rentiers have really bored into the State Medicaid programs in a big way.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Yes, absolutely - on Medicaid being already defacto a rentier-owned "public" rent stream. Good imagery: Medicaid programs already invaded by boring rentier worms.

And you raise a point worthy of a question to Mr. Sanders: why would you support a program that creates rent extraction opportunities for Peter Peterson at the expense of the very constituents you are claiming to help.