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Single payer protest at Cigna Glendale, CA

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Single-payer healthcare reform activists target CIGNA

In coalition with PDA, Andrew McGuire, Director of Health Care for All-California said Sunday, “Help tell CIGNA to get out of the health insurance business, it's simple, if political leaders won't remove for-profit insurance companies from the business of heathcare, the people will do it,” said McGuire. “Join this sit-in and the kind of public demonstration that's sweeping the country, organized by Mobilize for Health Care and supported by a wide coalition.”

The more people tell us that single payer is not possible, the more support grows for single payer. Single payer is an idea whose time has come.

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It's almost as if Obama's election, and his subsequent disappointment, has served as a catalyst for all sorts of grassroots activities aimed at truly liberal policy goals. People have been disappointed by Obama so they're taking matters into their own hands.