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Single payer progress in Minnesota and Colorado

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We seem to be making more progress in the states. We need to insist that any federal plan NOT prohibit states from doing the right thing.

Workday Minnesota: Health care bills advance at Legislature

ST. PAUL - Passage of the Minnesota Health Security Act by a key House panel is an important first step in the effort to provide health coverage for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans, leaders of the "Make Health Happen" Coalition said.
The House Health Policy Committee approved the measure Wednesday, providing momentum behind the bill, which would provide affordable quality, health coverage to all Minnesotans, starting with children. Minnesota, once a national health care leader, now has more than 375,000 uninsured residents, including almost 80,000 children, the group said.

North Forty News, Community Newspaper of Larimer County Colorado

Perhaps Kefalas' boldest legislation would establish a publicly financed, privately provided single-payer health care plan.

Kefalas said the single-payer approach was the only one of four a task force examined last year that would save money - some $1.5 billion. "I think most people agree we need to move that way," he said.

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