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Virginians: Call (434) 293-9631 and ask Perriello to send a staffer to the C-ville HR676 forum Monday

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Perriello said that he (like every other homo sapiens I've ever heard of) was for "universal health care" but that he was undecided about Congressman Conyers' legislation H.R. 676. This was a step forward perhaps from what he'd told me last year, which was that he would back whatever the president proposed. So we asked what we could do to persuade him of the merits of single-payer health coverage, with no time left to present any information. And the Congressman replied: "Keep doing what you're doing, pressuring me, phone calls and Emails," or words very much to that effect. We also asked if he could send a representative to a public forum on healthcare planned for Charlottesville on Monday the 23rd. He said that he could ask his staff but that he "didn't know their schedules." So, for those of you in the Fifth District of Virginia, here's something you can do at the request of your Congressman: Give him a call at (434) 293-9631 and ask him to please send a staffer to the event.

As the economic melt down continues the politics of this is shifting very dramatically.

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