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Single payer letters to the editor

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The single payer's strength is its focus on the general practitioners who are the backbone, blood system and brains of the medical community.

There was unanimous support for the sort of single-payer system, publicly funded and privately delivered, that would guarantee health care for every American

Tell Obama to Push for Single-Payer Health Care

Please use the Obama web site to vote your support for the single-payer position.

San Francisco For Democracy - Health! I Need Some Answers!

When: January 7, 2009 - Wednesday
7 to 9 p.m.
Where: Schroeder's German Restaurant, 240 Front Street, San Francisco
What: Discussion of paths for reforming the way health care is insured and administered in America. Don Bechler of Single Payer Now and Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy for the California Nurses Association will speak. A representative from Assemblyman Leland Yee's office will discuss fiscal health and the current conditions of California state government's fiscal crisis. Bob Gordon from California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership will speak about this organization's efforts to get anti-tobacco industry legislation passed in San Francisco.

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