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Single payer: In MA governor's race, Coakely, leading, bails on single payer

The Lynn Item:

State Treasurer Steven Grossman, Attorney General Martha Coakley and former federal health care administrator Don Berwick took part in the one-hour debate Wednesday at the WBUR-FM studios in Boston.

One of the sharpest exchanges came over whether Massachusetts should pursue a single-payer health care system. Berwick said as governor he would implement a single-payer "Medicare for All" system, while Grossman would only promise to lead a discussion about the feasibility of single-payer health care.

Coakley said the state wasn't ready to go to such a system.

God forbid that any Democrat should ever try to encourage people to become "ready." What I imagine Coakely means is that Democratic funders aren't "ready," if indeed they ever will be. You'd think that Obama would have put a stake in the heart of the idea that skin color or gender translate to policy outcomes, but no. Anyhow, here's the polling:

BOSTON — With only days remaining until the state nominating convention, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley continues to lead the field of five Democrats, taking 44 percent in a Suffolk University poll released on Boston Herald Radio.

Steven Grossman took 12 percent, said pollster David Paleologos.

“The race is a little bit closer in the Democratic primary but it’s still Coakley’s,” Paleologos said.

He said, “Coakley’s numbers have dropped a little bit not to anyone else’s benefit.”

Don Berwick took 4 percent, Juliette Kayyem took a little more than 2 percent and Joe Avellone took less than 2 percent.

I'd be happier if Coakley were running on a platform of throwing the banksters in jail -- which she could do, given that she clawed back $20 million from Goldman Sachs -- but of course she's not doing that.

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