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Single payer assassin Jason Rosenbaum shilling for Elizabeth Warren

I get letters... from Bold Progressives ("Bold" "progressives"... BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!):


Elizabeth Warren's campaign for Senate in Massachusetts is heating up, and local events are happening this week near you! Can you volunteer this week to help Warren's campaign win?

The closest event to you is a Cambridge Ward 4 and 6 Phone Bank on Wednesday, April 18, 6:30 PM -- but there are others nearby, too.

Click here to find events near you, check out the details, and RSVP.

Feel free to forward this email to your friends, so they can volunteer too!

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- Jason Rosenbaum, Amanda Johnson, Drew McConville, and the PCCC team

Oh my. You remember Jason Rosenbaum, right? He's the guy FDL handed a silo, and he ran a health care news column that never, not once, mentioned single payer. Of course, that was because he was funded by those weasels at HCAN't -- a fact that our Jason didn't disclose until he was forced to admit who owned him by single payer advocates.

Sadly, this tells you all you need to know about Elizabeth Warren's campaign.

NOTE Say, didn't PCCC shit the bed in IL-10 with that little twerp of an Obama lifer, Ilya Sheyman? Why, yes. Yes they did. Haw.

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Submitted by ralphbon on

Jason consistently disclosed his HCAN affiliation as a diarist. Later, when he became editor of the Seminal (or as I called it, the Sperm Bank), he disclosed the affiliation in his bio, but you had to click through to find it. I complained, as I'm sure others did, and within a few days he was consistently including the disclosure directly in the text of his healthcare-related posts, i.e., his institutional crossposts with the HCAN web site. It is just not correct to say that he hid his affiliation until forced to admit it.

Also, while he left single-payer off the table in his own writing, Jason frequently promoted full-frontal single-payer diaries, my own and others', to the Sperm Bank front page. And a lot of us slapped him around pretty hard without being banned.

Submitted by lambert on

Anybody that runs a column called "Health Care News" daily where single payer news is never part of the content is a shill and a scumbag. He may have told himself that promoting diaries elsewhere made up for it; it didn't and doesn't

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

That is it not allowed to put a negative call out in the headline, but really, ralphbon, what planet do you live on?

Jason did not "consistently disclose" his affiliation when he became a prime time blogger at FDL. Whatever he had done before, well, he only got center stage when recruited to FDL.

And, as to the "consistent disclosure"? Oh really! My memory of that time frame is way different than yours.

And, exactly how do you know that "Jason frequently promoted full-frontal single-payer diaries"?

Jason was a really bad choice on FDL's part. He could not answer questions about the "Heath insurance" debate, except to say "you gotta read the bill". He simply did not know up from down. Or, chose not to.

I have no sympathy for anyone who wants to defend Jason Rosenbaum.

Submitted by Hugh on

To rehash old history, much was made of the fdl community, but Jane consistently made major decisions about fdl without consulting or even informing that community. She just presented it with a fait accompli and a post outlining how spiffy the changes were. Now while Jane was the site owner, a lot of the decisions she made depended on the acceptance and support of the fdl community. So a good case could be made for consulting it before any decision was made. But there was also the issue of transparency and that arbitrary top-down decisions were not really in keeping with progressive practices.

The whole switchover from Oxdown a grassroots project coming out of the fdl community to the Seminal is a good example of how things actually worked at fdl. Jane basically took control of the personal blog space of Oxdown away from the fdl community and handed it over to a bunch of bloggers who up to then had had no real contact with that community. I expect Jane was trying to target a younger demographic and it all may have been tied up with deals she made with HCAN and/or its members, but it was a bad choice with regard to the fdl community. Not only were the Seminal bloggers younger, they were by and large less experienced than many in the fdl community. They also tended to be more conservative. It was a situation guaranteed to create clashes and it did.

Jason Rosenbaum was the posterboy for these. Jane had basically turned over a major chunk of her site, one that was supposed to be a forum for the fdl community, to a paid representative of an outside lobbying group. Jane's action was incredibly disrespectful of that community. As for Jason, it was unprofessional for him not to attach his affiliation with HCAN in all his posts. This is afterall a point we often make with other lobbyists when they write op-eds without disclosing their associations. And Jason did not do this until he was pressed, by fdl community members, to do so.

I think it was at this point that fdl went full veal pen, a phrase ironically that Jane did so much to popularize. Jane, Jason, and many of the fdl frontpagers tried to mobilize the fdl community behind the public option and more than this they declared war on single payer advocates of whom there were still quite of few at the site. And that war against single payer advocates continued after Jane repudiated Obamacare. What is strange is that now Jane and some of her frontpagers have revised this history and say that they were never against single payer and even that they were for it.

The healthcare debate marked a turning point at the site. It became more Democratic oriented and less progressive. This again was because Jane had a tendency to bring in frontpagers from outside the fdl community, many with histories as Democratic activists. So this strange situation was reinforced where the community was more progressive than both the imported Seminal bloggers and the frontpagers. And for those who have forgotten it also produced the tactic of the swarm. This was where a progressive commenter would take issue with a post and then receive a "swarm" of negative responses. The overall impression if you were new to the site was that the community rejected the progressive argument. But what was really going on was that the negative comments were coming from other frontpagers. It was just another top-down tactic to enforce orthodoxy.

I still go to fdl to scan through David Dayen's Newsdesk but not for much else. My impression though is that Jane seldom blogs there anymore. It might be that she is ill again, or burned out, or moved on, but FDL was once a place that was irreverent, snarky, and where people went to look for answers, often from each other. It hasn't been that place for a long time.

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Submitted by Joe on

Unless Elizabeth Warren somehow got Jason Rosenbaum his job at Bold Progressives, I fail to see how this wanker "tells me all you need to know about Elizabeth Warren's campaign"

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Submitted by ralphbon on

My contempt for HCAN and its neolib agenda to neutralize SP activism knows no bounds, as anyone masochistic enough to review my writings from 2009 can confirm. Jason Rosenbaum was low on the food chain in that organization and an utter lightweight when attempting to engage on healthcare financing policy outside of HCAN's candyass talk points.

As Hugh points out, it was Jane's decision alone to hand the editorship of the (ugh) Seminal to an HCAN representative who would divide his activity between standard blog stewardship and cross-posting poppycock he was paid to write for his full-time job. AFAIK, she's never copped to the error of that decision, much less to her credulous embrace of "the" "public" "option." One does not extract an admission of error from Jane Hamsher without resort to methods running afoul of international human rights accords. Still, her Occupy activities suggest to me that she's learned something about the futility of pre-compromise.

Along with several of the esteemed commenters on this thread, as well as the much-beloved selise and Let's, I took pleasure in clubbing Jason about the head and neck with regard to his cross-posted HCAN crap, with its errors of comission and, even more so, omission.

But I see no value in exaggerating his perfidy. When he started cross-posting HCAN content as editor of the fdl microsite, he did disclose his affiliation in his bio, and shortly after I and others squawked, he put a line about being a proud representative of HCAN at the bottom of those posts. If he were trying to hide the affiliation, he would have needed to adopt a nom de blog, e.g., "Something the Dolt Said."

It was Jane's decision alone to let this crap go on. As for promoting SP diaries, at minimum, three reports from Washington SP events (two by me, and one by Let's) made the front page of the (ecchh) Seminal. That's hardly meant to imply anything about Jason's views or priorities. The value and significance of rec lists and microsite front pages are easily overstated; cf the fantasies of Michael Cavlan.

As for Jason himself, he was basically a nice guy who did his job and was full of shit. I derive no therapeutic value from demonizing him further.