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Single Payer Advocates Crash Wyden Meeting

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Single Payer Action

About ten minutes into the event Rick Staggenborg MD, of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), asked Senator Wyden if he would sit down with single payer advocates.

Wyden remains steadfastly opposed to single payer, but said he would sit down with the single payer advocates.

But Senator Wyden did nothing to ensure that single payer advocates were represented in recent Senate Finance Committee hearings.

Just keep showing up, whether or not you're invited.

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“A majority of the people who attended the Wyden town hall meeting support single payer and many thanked us for our silent protest,” said Kauffman. “Wyden parroted the insurance industry line that we need a ‘uniquely American’ approach to healthcare. At that point a member of the audience said — ‘I think we already have a uniquely American system. It doesn’t work.’

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i wonder if we could get anywhere by pointing out that the proposed uniquely american system looks suspiciously like the mexican system. maybe copying the canadians would look less scary than copying the mexicans.