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Single payer ads on the air in Oregon

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Blue Oregon

Likewise the Portland Jobs with Justice Healthcare Committee's new single payer radio ad campaign on KPOJ AM 620 may benefit. The ads are intended as part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness of Improved and Expanded Medicare for All, the arguments for it, and to expand outreach, organizing and mobilization. The choice to pursue them at this time was partly driven by the fact that to resolve one hang-up in committee, Speaker Pelosi promised New York Democrat Anthony Weiner a floor vote on an amendment to substitute the text of H.R. 676, the main single payer bill in Congress, for the text of H.R. 3200, and because one version of the H.R. 3200, as marked up by committee, contains an amendment by Congressman Dennis Kucinich that would modify ERISA restrictions to allow for state level or regional single payer systems.

Funny, the more people tell us single payer advocates to give up and get lost the more people support single payer.

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