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Single payer actions in 11 cities from Mobilization for Health Care For All

[Welcome, OL readers. Since I've been banned from OL, I won't be able to keep posting links to single payer activism like this. Please feel free to stop by here. -- lambert]

Clever media strategy from Mobilization for Health Care For All, going for local coverage. That circumvents the "progressive" media blackout, as well as the blackouts by the administration, the FKDP, and our famously free press. Links:

Nice list of links:

Press Coverage from 10/28:
San Francisco Chronicle:

South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Star-Ledger / Trenton Times / Jersey Journal blog)
(Providence Journal blog):

Glendale News-Press:

National Public Radio, Topics

Democracy Now:

Free Speech Radio News:

Huffington Post:

Institute for Public Accuracy:

Atlas Press Photo:

La Jornada (Mexico)

OpEdNews (featured story about doctors, by Kevin Gosztola):

OpEdNews (about Philadelphia rally):

Bay Area Indymedia (quality article, good for reference):
Press Coverage from 10/29:
Southern Maryland Online

It's really too bad our "progressives" decided, back in 2008, to join the Democratic leadership in attempting to destroy single payer. There's a lot of energy at the genuine grass roots, and I like to think our "progressives" would be in a happier place today if they'd advocated for the best policy.

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