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Single payer action blog calls for scrapping the bill and today's single payer news

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Single Payer Activists to Congress: Defeat Democratic Health Bill

The Democratic health care bill is a massive bailout of the private health insurance industry.

It is convoluted and complicated.

And it should be defeated.

Healthcare information technology has not saved hospitals money, report says

The Harvard researchers did note one area where healthcare IT has been a rousing success: the Veterans Administration. Because of its single-payer format, the VA is able to maximize the potential cost savings of healthcare IT. The only way for the civilian healthcare system to cash in on the potential savings suggested by President Obama and members of Congress would be to implement a similar single-payer system, the Harvard research team concluded. The report appears in the Nov 20 online edition of the American Journal of Medicine.

Arrested doctors say health care reform debate has been one-sided

Support continues to build for a state single payer system in Vermont.

Tea Party Patriots Attack Family Who Lost Daughter And Grandchild (VIDEO)

Practices devote costly hours to insurance dealings

Letter to the Chicago Daily Herald supporting single payer

Plan Actions for Human Rights Day on December 10th

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Submitted by jawbone on

type guy cheating the little kids. These WILL be the templates for ads against Dems in the midterms and the presidential election.

And BHIP PPP will be the main attack. Repubs, of course, do not need to be rational: They can attack from all sides, with a straight face. I mean, the party that's been trying to get rid of Medicare since its inception is now all crocodile tears about how the Dems are going to cut Medicare funds and mess over the elderly. And they're getting away with it.

Just google Ally Bank ads and they'll come up. If not shown in your area, this shows what they're like. Especially Little Girl and Bike.

It's what's being done to health care and all the hopes of so many people in this nation. Oh, you wanted real health care? Well, you should have read the fine print.

Ads like those against Dems will resonate with so many people.

Oh, re: Corzine's loss to Chris Christie. Woman on my block said that at the end of the block (where I don't know many of the people) almost all the men are out of work. That's like 6 households. Unemployment, with a Dem prez playing corporation coddler, will turn voters way off the party.