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Singing hippies

Now that it's Xmas carol season, I would like to suggest that maybe it's time to change the lyrics to those beloved carols.

"Jingle bells / Hippies smell / Must suck for you they're right..."

"I'm dreaming of a fair Charistmas / With no one dying of monoxide poisoning because they had no heat and their kids were freezing and they lit a charcoal grill in their car to stay warm / With food banks empty / because no one's hungry / especially little kids who should never go hungry in this country because that's just wrong..."

"Rudolph the commie reindeer / Had a very weird idea / That people shouldn't get crapped on / And laws should apply equally to everybody regardless of their bank account..."

"Silent night / Peaceful night / No cops here / In riot gear / No pepper spray to taint the eggnog / we're all warm from burning the yule log / See bankers in orange jumpsuits..."

Okay, I ain't no Woody Guthrie, but you get the idea.

The Corrente Songbook.

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