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Simple Truths and Late Night Thoughts about Drugs

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The comments on this post are what make it most interesting, but in general it's the kind of post that many of us have written, or read, or understood, many times in the past. It's late and I need to go to bed, but I just have to share this one thought, one that always comes to mind when silly people who don't understand how the drug trade works are talking.

Simply: who owns planes, big rig trucks, and large boats, in this country? Whatever your answer, if you're reality-based, it's not "cholos from the barrio" and "thugs in the hood." No matter what propaganda you may believe about the overarching all-powerful nature of "gangs," the simple truth is that without some kind of government help, there would be no illicit/illegal drug trade in this country. The Barrio isn't filled with people who own planes that fly back and forth from Columbia; the military is. And the military leadership is mostly white. Same when it comes to fleets of boats and trucks- yes, there are black people who work on/with them, but not so many who own fleets of them, certainly not when compared to white people. White people in the Republican party, to be exact.

If you don't like illicit drug use, or people who are addicted when you think they shouldn't be, please don't blame us (gay, brown, or poor people). We may be 'street level' dealers and peddlers, but without rich, MIC/prison industrial complex types, there would be no illicit drugs in the United States. This is a matter of common sense, and I'd like to see more people accept this as they speak of these issues.

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Since the occupied white house is stewing up employment for our mercs in 'training' the border police in Mexico, there will be all sorts of drug trading opps for them, and even get them outside of Iraq. It's a peace plan of sorts!


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If they really wanted to stop the drug business it would be very simple. Suspend all financial dealings with the Caymans/Bahama Islands banks. It's the only place left to launder drug profits.