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Given that O's SOTU will propose a vile goulash of war, neo liberal austerity, abridgements of civil rights, foot dragging on climate change, meaningless tax cuts double talk on Wall Street bonuses, vague, but increasingly apparent gestures in the direction of cutting Medicare and Social Security, etc.

Why the hell is there absolutely no organizing or even discussion of massive protests against the slide into barbarism which O is willingly and enthusiastically presiding over?

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Submitted by DCblogger on

seriously, I dunno

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Submitted by jumpjet on

Fuck, is there time to get anything organized? Isn't the State of the Union in one week?

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Submitted by BDBlue on

The peace protests have been pretty lame to non-existent since he was elected.

But, yeah, there definitely should be. And I recognize that's easy for me to say since I haven't organized anything myself and likely won't (I'm a bad choice for a whole host of reasons, some better than others, but the result is I'm a better fit as a participant than organizer).

Submitted by Lex on

As linked here the other day, the O machine is reaching into its organizing/activist/astroturfing cupboard and putting out a call for "watch parties". Perhaps signing up and the crashing the parties with tales of promises broken and the neo-liberal rat-fucking of the American people could serve as protest. Sure, it runs the risk of getting curb stomped by a gang of enraged Obama supporters, but if properly executed could well go all viral on the intertubes.

The question, if it comes to violence, is whether to retaliate or just sing some hits from the Little Red Songbook through a mouth full of blood? Both?

Submitted by lambert on

It's the only way. Viral or not. The first person to get angry is the loser. And the first person to propose violence is the agent provocateur.