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Democrats passing the torch – will new generation be different?

Simple answers to simple questions:


Money quote:

Today’s new Democrats often have different kinds of histories. “They tend to be entrepreneurs and problem-solvers,” said Rep. Steve Israel of New York, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Yeah, but whose problems?

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Christ on a Crutch. Save us all from this army of Democratic "entrepreneurs" on a mission to create synergies while leveraging knowledge bases and walking on the streets of new york buried in their iPhones as the world goes buy and is forced to move over, and, and, and %*&@@#$* But they never get hit by a bus!

Submitted by lambert on

I knew "problem solvers" was bogus but I forgot it was those No Labels assholes.

Say, whose problems are they going to solve, anyhow?

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Submitted by Alexa on

About the only lines in this piece that weren't right-wing 'spin' were these words:

Republicans still remain strong favorites this year to maintain control of the House, where they now have a 232-200 majority. Independent analysts also rate the party a decent bet to have a net gain of the six seats they need to win the Senate.

I wish I had time to pick this piece apart paragraph by paragraph.


Almost all of the so-called "liberal" politicians that the author refers to are either DLCers, Third Wayers, or No Labelers.

Don't know David Lightman, but a glance at his Twitter feed makes me wonder if he doesn't come from the right.

Seems to me that Lightman needs to quit his day job as a 'reporter' and become an opinion writer. Which is not to disparage McClatchy, which is generally an excellent news source.

IMO, this is just another propaganda piece intended to "redefine" liberalism as the Democratic Party corporatist/neoliberal agenda.

It is this willingness of our mainstream corporatist media that has allowed the Establishment Dems to jettison liberal values and policies, moving the Party so far to the right that it is virtually unrecognizable today.

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Submitted by Alexa on

[Video Credit: USA Today]

And partial transcript:

Rep Israel to Susan Page:

We have a good plan, and we are 'firing all cylinders' right now, in terms of our recruits----our candidates.


This country has an unquenchable thirst for less ideology and more solutions.

And so we have a good group of 'problem solvers' across the country.

Talk about a 'piece of work!'

(And we wonder how we end up with so many conservadems.)