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Matt Stoller edition. Looking at the Florida exit polling:

Much younger voters love Obama, but 'older' younger voters who remember a more partisan time went for Clinton. I first noticed this after New Hampshire, and it appears as if Obama's South Carolina dynamic did not change the overall messaging frame. What's with the affinity between Gen X and the millenials, and the older gap millenials and the boomers?

If you're older, you're more likely to be reality-based. Too harsh? Read on. Do the math:

The voter of 30 was 23 when Bush stole Florida 2000, and 21 when the Republicans impeached Clinton. Many probably weren't paying attention (I certainly wasn't), and the rest did so in an atmosphere of full spectrum Conservative Movement media dominance, undoubtedly the source of the powerful Hillary Hatred in that cohort that Obama's campaign is cleverly and efficiently leveraging, with the help of our famously free press.

The voter of 23 was 16 for Florida 2000, and 14 for the Clinton impeachment. For most, enough said.

Both cohorts take our current political economy, including right wing talking points and frames, for granted, because they haven't been around long enough to have any other point of reference. Hence the focus on the symptom, partisan bickering, and a panacea -- the Unity Pony -- rather than a cure, which must begin with the destruction of the Conservative movement. And that would begin by holding Conservatives accountable for the results of their policies.

Of course, holding conservatives accountable isn't even on the radar of Obama's rather Fan Base; that would be "divisive." Such malleability makes Obama very attractive to the Village, since above all else they want to keep the cocktail weinies coming. Hillary is their second choice, because even though they hate her, she's still part of their clique. Edwards and Paul, of course, are hated and feared in the Village, because they would hold Conservatives accountable. (Prediction: Obama won't pick Edwards for AG in a million years. All a functioning Justice Department could bring is trouble.) However, our famously free press has done an excellent job of excluding them from the American people's spectrum of choices by denying them coverage. Don't worry. Everything's going to be fine.

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The big advantage that both Clinton and Obama have for conservatives is that neither of them is really likely to win in November. Clinton has the highest negatives of any possible candidate and Obama is simply going to wilt under the enormous pressure of the Republican dirty tricks. The only difference for voters is whether your knowledge of politics and history is weak enough to permit you to ride the Unity Pony.

I suppose if we still need to have hope and optimism for the future, we can hold out for a brokered convention. Even in that dream scenario, it's hard to conjure up a Democrat that would be able to win in November and have the guts to do anything useful if elected.

I wish I were young and innocent and still believed in the "promise of America". I not only remember the coup of 2000, but the Watergate pardons, the Vietnam war, and even the threat of imminent nuclear holocaust that could avoided by hiding under our desks.

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And let's no leave out the SCLM, which enforces amnesia best on those who weren't paying attention.

I'm not so sure that Obama won't appoint and AG who will take on what has happened in what is no the Department of Injustice. Even though Mukasky is still unwilling to call waterboarding torture, clearly a commitment he must have given to Bush et al, it must be said that Mukasky is starting doing some cleaning up himself.

I think that blogtopia (TM, skippy), should start to press both Clinton, Obama and the Democratic congress to commit to some form of national investigation and an official report on what has happened during the last seven to eight years, something akin to a combination of the 9/11 commission and the Church committee, and I mean really what really happened, with a final report to the nation, and if we have to give up prosecution of after-the-fact impeachment, so be it. That information doesn't belong to the Federal government, or to any particular party, or to the congress, it belongs to we, the people.

Charley, I wouldn't be so down on the possibility of a Democratic win, and we now know there is a difference between the two parties, unless you doubt that we'd be in an entirely different place if Gore had been allowed to become President in 2000.

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we need to stop all talk of impeachment and start talking about a truth & reconciliation commission, headed by John Conyers, with legal power to hand over war criminals to The Hague.

Remember that presidential pardons have no standing at The Hague.