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Yves asks:

Governors Scramble to Rein In Medicaid Wall Street Journal. So we are gonna kill people to avoid raising taxes on the rich? That is ultimately what this amounts to. And in case you forget why it’s called “public health”, unhealthy people and a stripped down medical system make for great disease vectors.

Simple answers to simple questions:


And by "Yes" I mean "Yes, of course. Why do you ask?"

NOTE Yves is wrong on disease vectors, however. In the high, mountaintop gated communities of Festung Richistan, there are no diseases, let alone disease vectors.

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Submitted by jawbone on

A Death Panel for Energy Assistance near you will decide Your Fate -- if you're one of the great and growing poor in this nation.

Brought to you by Big O and ConservaDems*, with Repubs pushing for kill more, Kill More! Kill, Kill, KILL!

Who gets the health care for chronic diseases? Who gets the life saving operations? Who gets the chemo after the cancer surgery? Death Panels will decide YOUR life, if you're too poor to have the right insurance. Brought to you by Big O's refusal to look at single payer and his pushing unfunded mandates onto the states!

But, wait! There's more! Republican governors and now even some Democratic governors believe they can hold office by killing off the poor, who mostly vote for Dems, if they vote at all! Kill more! Kill More!

Die, scum, die! You didn't catch the brass ring or hold on long enough so...No Cookies For You!

This Human Die-Off is brought to your by ConservaDems and Republicans everywhere.

*Austan Goolsbee showed up on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to explain that LIHEAP funding went up in 2008 because the price of oil was so high, so Obama’s proposed cuts just restore it to the proportional level of 2008. Stewart points out that home heating oil is more expensive now than it was then, and Goolsbee is embarrassed into a giggle (about the 5 minute mark). Stewart doesn’t have to go on to the fact that the need is greater now than it was then, with millions unemployed and underemployed, and millions more who took pay cuts or jobs paying much less, just to support their families.

Goolsbee repeats the phrase “live within our means” over and over, and never points out that the amount of our means is determined by tax levels. When we cut taxes on the rich, and let corporations they control for their personal benefit avoid taxation, we insure that “living within our means” immiserates millions of Americans.


YouTube of Daily Show with Goolsbee:

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Submitted by cal1942 on

Remember we just have to keep thousands of military overseas in over 800 military installations and have large forces in two countries that are no threat to us. We must also continue to build weapons systems to oppose enemy industrial powers that don't exist.

Talk about living within our means.

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Submitted by LostClown on

There's a protest in Columbia, SC against the Medicaid cuts Nikki Haley is proposing on March 12th at 1pm at the Capitol building. (I don't know if I can go without screwing my intern over. I hate intern season at the station when it conflicts with my duties as a conscientious citizen.)

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

The young man who burned himself to death because he couldn't pay the money to the corrupt official for a license for his food booth. Young people in Egypt seeing jobs going to corrupt family members. Young people seeing good jobs go away to be replaced by crap service jobs in Hardees and hotels. The Greek movement to not pay for the banksters crimes. And now Madison and Ohio where it is clear that corruption is ruling the day.

I am reading "In the Jaws of the Dragon" by Eamon Fingleton which is almost as frightening as "The Shock Doctrine". Lying is considered fine in many circles in China if it is for the good of your company or your family. So unlike the propagandists who say China will become more like the U.S., U.S. business people are becoming more like the Chinese. It is now acceptable to lie and cheat. The use of "selected enforcement" is now used here. We punish Madoff, but not Blankfein. We punish kids who steal $50, but not banksters who steal billions.

What to do ? What to do?

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

Every little bit you do makes a ripple..remember that! Just do a LITTLE bit...a call, a letter, an email..then maybe you make a connection, and then talk, then engage, and then maybe go outside, to a council meeting, a party meeting,a group of anti-war peeps, then join a protest, then......

Submitted by Lex on

It's true...or at least it extends to Koreans in my experience.

But i don't think US business people are becoming like E. Asians. I think they've pretty much always been that way. Capitalism raw and bloody rewards such behavior. In a political-economic landscape molded by decades of Randian "philosophy", such behavior is elevated to a sort of existential greatness.

We don't need the Chinese to teach us this stuff. There's good reasons for our Capitalist heroes to have been dubbed "robber barons."

Unfortunately, it won't stop until it destroys itself or the robbed stop it. So we're in a tight place given the number of imbecilic Randians who admire sociopathy and are too dense to understand that they're following Russian Left Anarchist philosophy with a small twist...and in good Russian fashion, a logical argument taken to its illogical extreme.

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Submitted by Eureka Springs on

Demand they all step down.

Step Down Obama Biden Boner Clinton sounds as good/necessary as Step Down Mubarak Suleiman.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.