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So, how many DFHs will the D loyalists give a seat at the table, after the DFHs heed loyalists' dire warnings and vote the 2% less evil ticket?

Zero, just like before. Why, what did you think? Oh, and policy ______ ? That's just not feasible. The Rs are too obstructionist! And just imagine what FOX would say!

NOTE I ask again: And we get?

UPDATE If the Rs take the Senate, what do you think their first move will be? I'd bet the nuclear option, just like the Ds should have done -- or rather, would have done, if they were in fact interested in implementing the policies people voted for when they voted the Ds in.

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include disenfranchising half the voters of a state for the actions of one Democrat and turning over delegates legally won by one candidate to another candidate who willingly took himself off the ballot.

I wonder - are those principles she believes in?

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Here's yet another charming example:

White House officials expect Lawrence Summers to leave his job as the president’s National Economic Council director after November’s congressional elections, according to three people familiar with the matter...Administration officials are weighing whether to put a prominent corporate executive in the NEC director’s job to counter criticism that the administration is anti-business...

LOLOLOL Isn't that exactly what we always accused Republicans of doing? Asking the foxes to guard the henhouse? This? Maybe Obama will look for the one who got the biggest bonus last year. Or the one whose company benefitted most from TARP but did the least with the money. I'm sure there's some way to sort the chaff from the chaff.

Tell me again WHY I would vote for the party of liars over the party of nuts?

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If only to prevent the "moderates" in their Party like the ladies from Maine, along with Blue Dog Democrats from having a decisive say over what they do. They can't pander to the extreme right wing unless they get rid of the filibuster.

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A vote for any Democrat or any Republican is a vote for more of the same, and that is killing us as a country.

Jane Hamsher, I think, coined the term veal pen. That's quite interesting because firedoglake is part of the veal pen. Jane has stacked many of the positions there with Democratic loyalists. It has given the site a very schizophrenic air. The community is much more progressive. They basically accept that we progressives must look beyond the Democrats and are yearning to get into that conversation. The response of the posters at fdl is to run a story on how well Democrat X is doing in their race. At dkos I have heard it is far worse, but the overall effect is the same. Progressive organizing gets pre-empted and stifled. In the end, firedoglake, dkos, the Democrats, the Republicans, they all are carrying water for the corporatists.

If progressives and independents stay home, a Democrat loses and a corporate Republican wins. If they show up, a Tea Party candidate loses and a corporate Democrat wins. We need to start asking hard questions about why so much of the left blogosphere is doing everything it can to further a corporatist agenda and quash any truly progressive action.

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Phoenix Woman, Rayne, and David Dayen are all big on the Democratic parties in their native states. Minnesota, Michigan, and California, I believe. There are others but these are the ones I am fairly clear on. Oh yes, and TBogg for his part is a rabid Obamabot. Egnor also.

Marcy also used to be pretty Democratic on Michigan politics. and bmaz on Arizona stuff. I don't know where they are now on them.

scarecrow was also Democratic in his outlook but he had been undergoing a lot of evolution in his thinkng in the months before I left. Teddy used to be a big supporter of Pelosi. I don't know that he still is.

Parenthetically, I haven't followed Spencer Ackerman much in a while. I used to accuse him of being a neocon. But he spent some time in Afghanistan and I think that may have soured him on the military kool aid he had been drinking. Anyway it was odd to have a COIN fan blogging at a progressive site.

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The One Nation Under Astroturf March again. It's pathetic. It's not a grassroots movement, it's Democratic GOTV.

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Sure, there will always be zero seats for the DFHs. But you're forgetting the Dems key constituency, the HFDs. Hedge-Fund Democrats are People Too! And as we all remember, Some People Are More Equal Than Others.