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Can this party be saved?


NOTE Note especially this paragraph, though it's all good:

To top it all off, the businesses that became cozy with both parties are ripping them off in every transaction from the ATM to the airlines to the gas station.

It's all about the rents. If you look at the constituencies that The Big O is supporting, every single one of them -- banksters, insurance companies, telcos -- is a parasite that's taking their cut from every transaction you make while adding no value. That's what HAMP is all about, for example; squeezing the homeowner dry, and then taking their home. We're a rentier state. I believe so strongly that the first step toward sanity is extracting ourselves from as many of these rent-seeking transactions as we can. That especially includes getting rid of cable and giving up the teebee (where the networks are charging rent to their advertisers for your eyeballs). The teebee is poison just as much as our contaminated food chain is poison. ("But what about Masterpiece Theatre and The Wire?" Yeah, well, that's how they get you.... I mean, I like Pepperidge Farm cookies, too, say. But not enough, not any more.) Yes, the first step, but by no means the last.

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Submitted by basement angel on

and Masterpiece Theatre. There is just no way I'll pay $80 a month for cable to see HBO. Yes, I miss Turner Classic but that's about it. IT's been almost two years since I've had television and I do not miss it one bit.

Submitted by Hugh on

You call it rent. I call it looting. It has become the sole goal and purpose of our elites. They no longer believe in gracing us with minimal governance. If it can't be looted, it doesn't exist for them. If it can, it's a target. Many are shocked or in denial about Obama creating the Cat Food commission to go after Social Security. But really this is a natural, even a no-brainer, for him and the Democrats. I have pointed this out before but, using the Administration's own numbers, numbers from the White House site, it has already succeeded in cutting $575 billion from Medicare and Medicaid over 10 years (that is projected cuts minus promised savings from Big Pharma, and as I have said before too, it is a pretty big story that the White House engages in pulling this info from its site). So if it has already hit Medicare and Medicaid, and done so without most people even knowing it happened, why would Obama and the Democrats think they couldn't get away with robbing Social Security?

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.... because that's the term for it. I like that because one can "name and claim" the various forms it takes and see the unifying theme, whether ATM fees, or health insurance profits, or other examples given in the links collected at the bottom of this post.

That said, I've certainly used "looting" enough enough, along with kleptocracy.

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Submitted by Jeff W on

You're completely right about the rents, lambert. Keep pounding that theme home.

A bit tangentially, speaking of TV (or "teebee"):

I've always found this talk "The Factory in the Living Room: How Television Exploits Its Audience" by Sut Jhally, Professor of Communication at the University of Massachusetts, fascinating. It's a little over an hour long.

Jhally's point is that we, as the TV audience, are factory workers producing labor—that is, watching advertisements—in return for payment, i.e., seeing the programs (such as they are). The advertisers, the true consumers of commercial media, are paying broadcasters for the labor—our "eyeballs"—and the product—our potential consumer behavior. Jhally makes it clear that he means this point not just metaphorically but literally.

So we're paying for cable and being exploited—kids included, of course—under an implicit labor contract as well.

I could never watch TV in the same way after listening to it.