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Silly New York Judge thinks the rule of law applies to foreclosure mills

NY Post, of all places:

New York’s top judge is not done smacking around foreclosure mills for their bad behavior.

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, faced with thousands of stalled foreclosure cases clogging his courts, is expected to soon start a pilot program that will force these foreclosure mills and their bank clients to the bargaining table in an attempt to modify the muddled mortgages.

Homeowners across the state — including as many as 5,000 in Brooklyn and Queens alone — have been victimized by these mills, which file lawsuits and then, fearful of swearing to the truthfulness of the claims in the suit, let them lie dormant in the courts.

These new rules follow unintended fallout from a rule Lippman imposed in the wake of the robo-signing scandal in the fall of 2010. To stanch the flow of faulty documents in New York’s courts, Lippman issued an order requiring foreclosure lawyers to verify the accuracy of their filings.

But instead of cleaning up their act, the foreclosure mills simply refused to file the affidavits, choosing to let cases languish instead.

Foreclosure firms work for the banks. So they can do whatever the fuck they want.

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