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"Silence of the DudeBros"

Heh. nycweboy:

I was struck - but not surprised - by the relative silence over a Sunday front page NYT article about the White House's "DudeBro" problem: the reality that the President is surrounded by the lefty equivalent of the all male "boys club" mentality that can be found many places, including Washington politics. ...

I suspect we're stuck with the DudeBro problem for some time to come; and like a number of entrenched, ignored, and often dismissed observations about a systemic problem with the supposed "progressiveness" of the Obama Administration that state obvious realities... I also suspect that they're indicative of the growing political rumblings that the Democratic Establishment might consider owning up to, rather than denying. [For example.] There's a reason that dissatisfaction seems to be growing, why surface notions that "everything is fine, and politics is hard and progress is slow" don't really suffice as defenses of the Obama Administration's weaknesses (and "we're way better than the last guy" is really... just getting old). If we can't admit and face that not everything is golden with this White House, we can't change it. And if we can't change it... then people will look elsewhere for the progress they seek. Bet on that, Dude.

Yep. Except, whaddaya mean, "we"?

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I got a call two days ago (actually the last in a continuous series of calls) from the Democratic Party's Senatorial campaign. The pitch starts out with something along the lines of "President Obama has done more good for the American people in the past X days than George W. Bush did in his entire term in office and now Republicans are trying to....." at which point I cut her off and said I would continue to support individual Democratic candidates that appeal to me but would appreciate if they would take me off their calling list.

If the best you can say is that hey, you are better than the worst president in American history, that's setting the bar awfully damn low. My left ass cheek would do more in its first X days as President than George W. Bush did in his entire presidency.

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I'm dealing with one or two such these days...