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Hillary blah blah Obama blah blah Hillary blah blah Obama blah blah Bill blah blah blah ... WTH,O?? Who gives a flying damn what the two of them are sniping at each other about tonight? Who really cares what color her eyeliner was or if his speech seemed religious enough? Screw this crap, people.
THINK. It's about our nation, and our future in the world.
what about the issues? What about the economy? What about the war? What about global warming? What about Social Security? What about real national security? What about FISA?
I'm one of the people who believes that if they really wanted me to vote for them, the current Dem Senators who are out shilling for the Presidency would show up to the jobs they're already earning princely salaries for.
But then I'm hardcore old-fashioned.

I'm also fed to the teeth with the current crop of intra-factional bickerers at DailyKos and the brain-dead repetitive spew of the usual mainstream media suspects on what the votes -- before the precincts have reported, damn it all to hell, we were supposed to have fixed that load of horse puckey permanently after the Florida-call fiascoes of November 2000 -- "really mean", instead of, I don't know, what the votes might actually BE.

Go back to the original Constitutional provision. One election. One big motherfracking stew of a three-weeks-long free-for-all popular vote, and make the person who gets the most of those votes President, and the person who comes in second Vice President. Make these partisan butt-hats learn to work together for the good of the nation for a change.

Meanwhile, damn it all to hell, what Lambert says:

Any Democrat in the General. White, black, male, female, Christian, Muslim, atheist, Wiccan, Pastafarian -- I don't give a flying damn about the winning Democrat's religion or lack thereof so long as it isn't used as an excuse to act out a lack of mental health in front of God and everybody and charge the bill to our nation, and get the good people of Texas and the USA -- and there are a lot of us -- all blamed for the shameless sociopathy of yet another cokehead, possibly-syphilitic, Miserable Failure while wasting billions of dollars of our tax money, mine included, as well as more thousands of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines' lives on a vanity war half a world away for wet dreams of a fast-fading 19th-century-based short-lived monopoly on oil under sands that never have belonged to the corporate pirates trying to screw us all to make more money off the damned poisonous stuff.

The hell with any billionaire-teabagging, mullah-sucking spawn of Cthulhu, curse his Republican heart and soul -- no matter what it says in parentheses after his name on the ballot.

To the "front runners", the incumbents blowing off their Senatorial responsibilities while expecting to continue collecting my hard-earned dollars, I have one thing to say: I want a real Democrat to win. If you want my vote quit dicking around on your bullshit ego issues and start earning your Senatorial paychecks.

Get your asses back to Washington, damn you both, and don't you dare fucking vote "Present" on FISA or on funding the war in Iraq. Listen to the people you were elected to represent, and vote the way your constituents expect you to, urge you to, pay you to.

Your current jobs aren't sinecures, and as far as I'm concerned being a "front runner" for the Democratic nomination is just a pipe dream on which you are wasting time, effort, and precious resources that would be far better spent on real issues right now.

It's not as good a TV show and it's piss-poor theatrics, of course, to actually show up at your job and work, but you know what? It impresses real voters.

SHOW us that you're not, either one or both of you, just another W in a Dem campaign button.

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That about covers it. I want to read that whole post out loud at the top of my voice. That FISA vote is an extremely important test for those two in my mind, no matter how the issue comes out.

I do not understand why they don't see that if they both come to D.C. and get on the floor of the Senate and start hitting Bush with everything they've freakin' got, which is what we gave them a majority to do in the first place, the cameras will have to go with them because it will be the story of the campaign and no one will be able to do anything about it and millions of people will love them both.

Any Dem in the general, certainly, but I am beginning to think they're both just plain stupid and still living in the last century. If I end up having to choose between them in the primary, I do not know what I will do.