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Siegelman Case Update

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Josh Marshall at TPM has a nice examination of the Siegelman case here.

However, I still haven't found anyone who has followed up on Scott Horton's contention that Dana Jill Simpson had her house burned down and her car totalled.

Josh, why didn't you say anything about that?

Meanwhile, Siegelman's sentencing hearing goes on. The judge (a specially-chosen hard-line and loyal Republican) has now said he will sentence Siegelman to 15 to 19 years. This in a court that sentenced a Republican governor who had personally stolen $200,000 to only probation.

Heck Edwin Edwards got less time than Siegelman's going to get!

Gee, do you think this Republican judge is reacting to the negative press and Banana Republic comments that are floating around about this case and his court?

Boy, what are the odds this turd of a case gets overturned on appeal?

UPDATE Siegelman was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison. They took him into custody and would not let him stay out pending his appeal.

I assume Scooter will receive the same treatment. He committed treason after all.

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