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Should we have a Department of Vengeance, or a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Sure, the rats are leaving the sinking ship, bulging money sacks over their shoulders, and stepping onto the safe shore of well-funded positions as shouting heads, "scholars" at winger think tanks, board members, or high priced consultants.

Big fucking deal:

Edward Luce and Andrew Ward write in the Financial Times: "When asked whether he was quitting the Bush administration because it would be good for his political future, Rob Portman, the outgoing budget director, replied: 'It would be good for my mental health.' Although Mr Portman was joking, a growing list of officials have already acted on that impulse.

"At least 20 senior aides have left important posts in the White House, Pentagon or State Department over the past six months, as chaos has deepened in Iraq. 'There's a real sense of fatigue and very little sense of purpose,' said a senior official, who asked not to be named. 'My guess is you're going to see a lot more departures.'

Fatigue? Buddy, you've got no idea what fatigue means. You haven't been playing whack-a-mole with the Bush administration for seven years--is it really that long--for no money.

Anyhow, part of me says this:

It's not enough, not nearly enough, for these people to leave: It's Year VII of the thousand-year Bush regime, and by this point, everybody has known the score for a very long time.

No, it's not enough for them merely to leave-- They need to be punished for the rest of their lives. And the Department of Vengeance would be set up for that purpose.

On the other hand...

Maybe a Truth and Reconciliation Commission would be better for us, for the country, and the most effective way of ferreting out what these guys really have been up to. Because you know we've only scratched the surface so far.

NOTE Sometimes the best mindfuck of all is taking the totally high road when you've got the power.

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I'm all for taking the high road, but please let's confiscate the profiteers' fortunes while we're at it--in a civilized, elevated fashion, perhaps with some clean, clear legislation. They have done a lot of damage and the bills are coming due. They should do whatever they and their families can to help the rest of us pay for it.

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Lambert, Lambert; are you getting all soft and squishy on us? Just when I think I've got you boxed as a hypermilitant you go and get compassion. Can't agree, and while I don't think it would be right to actually burn the lot of them at the stake (although very satisfying as an occasional fantasy) I do think that vengeance in the form of serious jail time would be a really good idea for all concerned. Look how much Chuck Colson benefited from the opportunity for sustained meditation. In recognition of Bush’s adopted home state let’s have us some West of the Pecos, Judge Roy Bean style justice; first the trial, then the sentencing.

Where oh where is cd? She’s the reason I started reading this blog (no offense intended towards others, talented all) and I miss her. Please, won’t you come out and play some more?

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Bu$hie Bunnypants is a drunken figurehead. He always was. That's why he got elected.

Cheney is utterly evil, but he's an old sick man kind of evil. The kind of cardiac illness he has causes secondary brain damage. He is sloppy.

Now, imagine the Bu$hCo pirates with a strong, intelligent, malignantly competent leader in the Oval Office.

Imagine them with a real Big Brother Joe Stalin in charge. You don't like their response to Katrina? The next day you are gone.

If we let these bastards walk, they will be back. Again. And sooner or later, they are going to get the Rethuglican version of a real Julius Caesar to lead them. Instead of Keystone Cops there will be real Storm Troopers.

Vengence is pointless. Justice is self-preservation. No one walks.

No quarter.

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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I'm all for taking the high road.

IMHO, the high road ends with Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld in the dock at the Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and with Albert Gonzales, Tom DeLay, and Karl Rove serving lengthy terms in US Federal prison for obstruction of justice.