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Should the House Judiciary Committee Have A Website Run by an RNC-Approved Firm?

Still going through that list from, and I got looking at this outfit called First I note that they don't appear to have updated their homepage since 1/11/07. Sheesh, even we do better than that. Then I notice that all their clients appear to be Republicans or Republican-controlled entities. Then, noting that they are bragging about having won a

a Marketing, Media & Public Information GSA Schedule (GS-23F-0134M), allowing us to contract directly with government agencies in a less cumbersome procurement process.

I contemplate listing them as a Wingnut Welfare Corporation, Webdesign Division. But then I noticed they had a page listing "Clients" and just for shits and giggles took a look. Oh my, what have we here:

U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary
2006 CMF Silver Mouse Award Recipient
With the complex information that the Judiciary Committee presents, the website and content management system needed to be customized to meet their specific requirements. GovTech Solutions conducted staff interviews on the legislative process of the committee. After the creation of the architecture of the information, five templates were designed in a 1024x768 resolution for a more progressive look. The development phase by top technical resources utilized the latest technologies to ensure the success of the site. The website launched in November, 2005. GovTech Solutions continues to support the site through an Online Services Package.

That isn't all--let's see who else's websites they designed back when Republicans still held Congress:

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
The Intelligence Committee redesigned Web site offers a monthly schedule, a Fact of the Day and Intelligence Triva as well as Frequenly Asked Questions area. As part of the redesign, GovTech Solutions reworked the site navigation to allow for a dynamic fly-out menu allowing users to find information with one click.

House Committee on Ways and Means
2006 CMF Golden Mouse Award Recipient
Along with the standard features of a GovTech Solutions-built Web site, including an advanced events calendar and news area functionality, also boasts subcommittee ‘mini-sites’ to access complete news and information about the various subcommittees, seamless data transfer integration with the Library of Congress, and automated formatting for the Government Printing Office. Also, there is a robust legislation lookup component so that visitors can search for useful information about past or present items from the House floor.

And if that isn't good enough they've got the whole fucking site for what is widely regarded as the second-most corrupt (after Interior) of all the Cabinet departments:

United States Department of Energy launched earlier this year, accomplishing two overarching goals: 1. to give the Department a fresh, unified and dynamic presence on the Web, and; 2. fulfilling the management objectives of improving security, streamlining business processes and achieving effeciencies throughout the enterprise. GovTech completed tasks including conceptualization, information architecture, graphic design and HTML implementation with the content management system, RedDot. The navigation map developed by GovTech would guide the placement of items on the homepage, global headers and footers, and DOE top navigation for all sites and eventually all DOE sites. To ensure quality and consistency of the design, the lead graphic designer had key training in the CMS system and assisted with implementation features such as the "templates."

I should probably stop here to let Lambert recover his breath, his drink, and seek out a double dose of his blood-pressure medication. I'm sure he's just overcome with awe to find that this wonderful company--which also notes proudly on its homepage that it is "woman-owned"--has mastered such key buzzwords vital to [bullshitting the ignorant into giving you contracts for] website design like "CMS" and especially "templates".

They must have read a lot of Dilbert cartoons to pick all that up!

Ahem, back to the main point here, does anybody remember some cute shit Republicans pulled on computers a couple of years back, holding on to passwords or something after Democrats took control of some office? I honestly don't remember details but it was a minor scandal at the time. I hope this went into the Lessons Learned file and they now have somebody who knows what the fuck they're doing on the Internet scrubbing this outfit's work for backdoors, trapdoors, illicit data flow taps, and any other means of surreptitious information access that people more knowledgeable than me (which is to say damn near everybody) can think of.

Take a look at the other "clients" of this firm. For starters it includes the Ohio Secretary of State's office, which we know to be in the dog's-hind-leg department of crookedness and election theft. All the elected officials I recognize by name are Republicans (no I didn't look them all up.) And, to repeat what we said at the start, this is from the Official Server of the Republican National Committee, the swell folks who brought you to help our Current Rulers evade the law, avoid (they thought) public scrutiny of their communications, and generally shit all over everything.

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I mean, unless they're far more devious than I think, and planting disinformation this way.

Question: Are the Dems using the same vendor in 2007? I notice the marketing propaganda is all dated 2006.

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