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Should a Green ever run as a Democrat?

Not if history is any guide! Ballot Access News:

Arkansas held primaries for the Democratic and Republican Parties on May 20. Incumbent state representative Fred Smith was defeated in the Democratic primary in the 50th district. The vote was: Smith 539; Milton Nicks 1,096.

Smith had been nominated by the Green Party in 2012 and had been elected. Although his name was on the only name on the November 2012 ballot, he had two write-in opponents in November. Earlier this year, Smith announced he would seek re-election, not as a Green, but as a Democrat.

This is the second time a Green Party legislator in Arkansas sought to run for re-election in the Democratic primary. Each time, the incumbent lost the Democratic primary. The first instance was in 2010, when Richard Carroll, who had been elected as a Green in 2008, tried to win re-election as a Democrat.

It's not like the Greens have so many elected officials that they can afford to lose them!

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Once he got there he wanted to stay there. Figured it would help him to be a Democrat.
Didn't work, did it. But them I'm sure there's more campaign cash for major party candidates than Greens, etc.
The late Joe Bageant once wrote something to the effect of "Local politics takes virgins and turns them into whores. Later, national politics takes those same whores and passes them off as virgins." Yup.