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Shorter Scott Walker: all your weekends belong to the Koch brothers

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Charles Pierce

Meanwhile, Scott Walker, the goggle-eyed homunculus hired by Koch Industries to manage their midwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin, is preparing to announce his candidacy for president next week by signing a Superfund site of a state budget that includes a provision that—and I am not kidding here—does away with the concept of the weekend.

Also a nice crack at Jeb!

Holy Jesus H. Christ on a furlough, there's your "47 percent" moment for this cycle. What is it with this guy and with that other Florida Man, Marco Rubio? Is the sun so bright that neither of them sees the rakes until it's too late? Every legitimate survey demonstrates that Americans are working longer hours for wages that pretty much have remained flat for 30 years while most of the country's wealth was being shoved up to that level of the economy wherein reside Jeb (!) and his family of entitled layabouts. This is pure Romneyism in action. This one statement should kill his campaign. It should be hung around his neck like a dead raccoon until the last ballot of the 2016 election is cast.

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OMFG, one of the things we can unequivocally attribute to the Labor movement, sucked down the tubes.

The ahistoricity of this country never fails to amaze me.

People are not stupid. It's something else.

(I live in NYC, where people are constantly trying to attribute the ridiculous rents on "market" apartments to the very existence of rent control. It's way more complicated than that, friend.)

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Here's something about this proposed Wisconsin weekend abolition:

/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -- Wisconsin Republicans Want to Pass a Law That Would Repeal the Weekend -- March 22, 2015

Wisconsin law requires workers in a "factory or mercantile establishment" to be given at least 24 consecutive hours off every calendar week. But Republican Reps. Mark Born and Van Wanggaard (pictured above) are introducing a new bill that would add a provision enabling workers to "voluntarily choose" whether to take the breaks.

The background: While there is already a waiver system in place for employers and employees to bypass the mandatory breaks, Marvit writes that just 232 workers filed for one in 2014. Republicans say the new bill will streamline that exemption process. But if the bill sails through both houses of the state legislature and gets Gov. Scott Walker's signature, thousands of Wisconsin workers will effectively lose their right to a mandatory day off once a week.

Instead, they will be funneled into a "voluntary" system where there's little guarantee that anyone is volunteering. Bosses could demand employees work seven days a week, and without state oversight, workers will have little recourse.

Do the people want this? They have little to no power because of two-party single selection instead of strategic score voting. Plus _voting machines_. Demand real power!