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However, BTD's idea to sunset the mandate is a good one. That's why the legacy parties won't permit it.

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according to his wikipedia bio he's about 38 years old, so yeah, he needs about another 30 years of projects to work on before he can retire. a continually-broken health care system for another decade or two would be a research grant boon to someone whose expertise might otherwise become obsolete:

An expert on the politics of U.S. health and social policy, he is author of The Great Risk Shift: The New Economic Insecurity and the Decline of the American Dream (2006, in paperback January 2008), The Divided Welfare State: The Battle over Public and Private Social Benefits in the United States (2002), and The Road to Nowhere: The Genesis of President Clinton’s Plan for Health Security (1997), co-winner of the Brownlow Book Award of the National Academy of Public Administration. He is also co-author, with Paul Pierson, of Off Center: The Republican Revolution and the Erosion of American Democracy (2005) and has edited two volumes—most recently, Health At Risk: America’s Ailing Health System and How to Heal It (2008).

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Buckle up.

Does Ezra Klein really think “managed care didn’t kill anyone”?

Get ready for the next liberal excuse for not supporting single-payer: Managed care. Yes, the managed care that infuriated the public with its limits on patient choice of doctor and its interference in the doctor-patient relationship, that induced merger madness throughout the health care industry, and that diminished the quality of care without lowering costs.

Managed care was to the 1990s what the “public option” has been to this decade – an excuse for “yes but” Democrats to turn away from single-payer. Now that it is clear the “public option” is not the politically feasible alternative to single-payer it was cracked up to be, look for “yes but” Democrats and their allies to resurrect managed care as their excuse for not supporting single-payer.

Kip has been prescient before: (June 4, 2009)
Democrats’ hype about health care reform will hurt them

In fact, if the Democrats, in their zeal to mollify the insurance industry, strip the public program of all advantages and subsidies and the public program suffers adverse selection, the public program might well be bankrupted by the insurance industry. In that event, the industry and its right-wing allies will chortle about how single-payer and “public option” advocates were naïve to think that publicly run health insurance programs could be more efficient than private insurance companies. The single-payer movement, and the entire universal coverage movement, will have suffered a serious setback.

Obama’s Organizing for America project has asked Obama supporters to attend house meetings across the country on June 6 (this coming Saturday). People who care about Obama, universal health insurance or both should attend one of these meetings and warn people that Obama and Congressional Democrats are leading us into an ambush.

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i was just composing a post on that.

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I'm eagerly awaiting your post!!!!

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Lots of money for "creative class" types to do the "management." So, it's an ill wind, etc.

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i went in a different direction from your take, so feel free to post/comment more on the parts i left out.

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re: i went in a different direction from your take

I assumed that you would have something original to say (me not so much) -- that's why I said I was eagerly awaiting your post!