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Shorter Citizens United

oz-wizard-behind-the-curtain-769602 Eye of the Storm:

[I]f money is speech according to the conservative court, then constitutional rights vary directly with income.

Like that's a bad thing!

FWIW, I don't take the apocalyptic view, here, that some -- including some of my favorite people -- take.

Now there's no curtain to prevent us from paying attention to the man, eh? Surrenduring illusions is always good, no? Certainly that's what the Buddha would say.

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growth of untrammeled corporate power makes me remember the Gilded Age. If the country could get through that, and eventually reach the New Deal and the Great Society, I think we can get through this most recent rise of corporatism.

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by writing a letter to Congress in support of public financing for elections. Do read past the stupid lead paragraph. Although some of the players, like Ben & Jerry's, are rather predictable, I don't know that Delta or MetLife is particularly known for do-goodism.

Some of the oligarchs may be envisioning the whole system teetering on the edge.

[Sorry if this has already been commented on here. I'm information overloaded.]