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Shocker: Obama blesses The Cat Food Commission...

Nobody could have predicted. Scarecrow at FDL:

The final press question asked Obama what assurances he could give that the US would meet the Administration’s own promise to cut US deficits in half by 2013 — that’s right, the 2013 target was originally their idea, a sop to the deficit hysteria mob. Here, the President missed an opportunity.

Whaddaya mean, a "sop"? Obama's been targeting Social Security since the Iowa caucuses. It's not my problem that the OFB and career "progressives" gave him a pass on the issue. Well, that's wrong. It is my problem, because those clowns made it a problem.

He knows [but doesn't care] the Bush tax cuts are expiring (at least for those making above $200-250,000), and he’d already noted that much of recent deficit explosion was driven by the recession and responses to it, but those causes should phase out.

But instead of reemphasizing these points that our [whose?] media [and the legacy parties] too often forgets, he recalled OMB Orszag’s trivial cuts on non-discretionary spending and gave a nod to the deficit reduction (cat food) commission, gratuitously adding that we have to solve "the entitlements problems" in Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. As Dean Baker and others have repeatedly shown, Social Security is in surplus and not a deficit issue, and lumping it in with the health cost issue is an egregious misstatement of whatever long-run deficit issues we face.

"But instead"? "Gratuitously?" "Egregiously"?

Why would anybody expect Obama to "emphasize" anything else? Why would anybody expect Obama to do anything but mis-state lie? Obama outsourced the Cat Food Commission's staffing to Pete Peterson, for pity's sake!

What's wrong with you, Scarecrow?

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Iowa caucuses, not primary.