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literally raised the hairs on my scalp. And the trashing of the "official story" about antibiotic misuse in hospitals and medical practice is spot on-in fact, reading the medical literature, the doomsday projections of ever-increasing virulence and antibiotic-resistance in pathogens is increasingly pointed at our meat production practices. The real-life consequences of what we're doing right now are horrific, but the end-point of the curve is even more frightening. The ability of the bugs to mutate and become resistant is so much faster than our ability to develop effective treatment, that the common-sense approach would be to stop the cause of the resistance, but of course, that would cause some small amount of profit loss to Big Agra, and we can't have that. What we will have, at some point not too far distant, is a literal plague (or plagues) that will, naturally, affect the young, old, weak, poor, and ininsured disproportionately (feature, not bug?).

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When all the underclasses are dead, the elites have to grow their own food, don't they?

Destroying the lower classes is stupid to the point of psychosis. I think the elites of the feudal era had more sense than our current crop of psychotic masters. At least the kings and lords and knights knew it was a bad idea to kill off too many of the people who grew their food!

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planetary survival, whether related to our environmental, social, political or economic situation (and yes, they are all tied together), are Prima Facie evidence of stupidity and short-sightedness of epic proportion. Do they not understand the absolute ramifications of their positions? Or do they believe that their "specialness" and their "wealth" will protect them from the inevitable disasters they are fomenting? As my mom used to say-"stupid is as stupid does".