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"She went out and recruited Barack."

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Alice Palmer and Obama's first campaign, when he knocked out the politician who recruited and introduced him to fundraisers and others who could help him (like Ayers, etc) --

"... "She went out and recruited Barack."

So everything seemed set. Palmer would move to Congress and Obama would take her place in the Illinois Senate.

But then Palmer lost the special congressional election. Suddenly, this well-liked community leader faced being out of office after four years in the state Legislature.


Palmer finally asked Obama to halt his legislative campaign so she could run for re-election.

He refused. ..."

I wish they would ask him about her at a debate or even at a press conference. And what does his treatment of her say about "changing the system" and "unity"?

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more from there-- "...She filed petitions to get on the ballot for the spring 1996 primary, but Obama took steps to make sure voters wouldn't get a chance to pick her. His supporters scoured her petitions, and those of two other would-be candidates, for any technical flaws.

They ended up filing complaints alleging that Palmer and the others hadn't collected the 757 valid voter signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.


Palmer ended up dropping out of the race instead of trying to argue that she had met the petition requirements. The other two candidates were ruled ineligible by Chicago election officials. Obama, as the only candidate on the ballot, won the primary, which in heavily Democratic Chicago meant he would go on to win the general election, too.
... "He did what any politician or campaigner does," said Timuel Black, a Palmer friend and campaign adviser."

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I took a leave of absence from my county job to work in Alice Palmer's congressional campaign. It was pretty much a disaster. She placed well behind State Senator Emil Jones and Jesse Jackson Jr. In retrospect it's a good thing Jackson was there. A Congressman Emil Jones would have been the worst of all possible results.

She is/was a nice lady but a weak organizer and inept campaigner. She might have made a darn good congressional representative, but if you ain't got ythe skills to get elected that can never happen. And if she let herself be knocked off the ballot like that, well then she deserved it. That is/was such a rookie mistake -- everybody knows that is the first place your opponent is bound to go.

Bruce Dixon

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would her original seat have been in danger if she hadn't declared that she would run for Congress instead? It seems like she was well-known and liked from what i can gather...

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if he had shown this kind of ruthlessness during this campaign, i'd like him much more.

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--and the Palmer story shows him doing exactly what he accuses Clinton of--and exactly what he denigrates so much now overall--and which helped get him where he is today, too.

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To date Obama has not won a contested election.

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because it's easier to knock your opponents out early than have to win on the merits. It's his personal Scorched Earth strategy.

It was not by accident or coincidence that both Blair Hull's and Jack Ryan's domestic abuse allegations surfaced, leading both campaigns to implode. Once his closest competitors were eliminated, Obama could win by default. To beat Keyes, all Obama had to do was win the earthling vote.

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What bugs me about the Palmer story is not so much that Obama pulled that signature crap, but that he did it with all three of the other candidates who had submitted petitions --- without saying he was even considering doing so.

Its that "we're going to screw you and not give you a chance to defend yourself" crap that I don't like.

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Not being Obama's fan doesn't imply that one has to disagree with everything about him. The Alice Palmer story is daily occurrence in the work places. It's not as if she owned the job and Obama stole it; she went on and wanted back, but he already sat in the chair. He did the right thing and it isn't particularly rude, crude or obnoxious.

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that sort of take-no-prisoners, cut-no-slack attitude is sorely needed in this race, esp in the General (and he trashes Clinton for it continually nowadays)--and he's intentionally running as the opposite of it. And he also is making a big deal out of his loyalty to Wright and others--when he wasn't at all loyal to the person who actually made his political career possible and introduced him to the right people and mentored him--like Wright did.

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yet. He was just running for the job.

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