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She Is Not The One

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I doubt we have many Hillary fans reading Corrente, but for those who are: I am not among you. Never have been, not since before she introduced that really important bill during wartime...about video games. She lacks the qualities that make me overlook her husband's flaws, and frankly, I'm sick and tired of Republicans and the SCLM telling me who my "front runners" should be. So I'm happy to see this, practically the first in the mainstream press, because it's an important meme that needs to be propagated. Hillary is not and never will be our choice:

NEW YORK -- Actress Susan Sarandon, a longtime liberal political activist and outspoken opponent of the Iraq war, endorsed an anti-war Democrat challenging Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's re-election bid Tuesday.
Sarandon is backing Jonathan Tasini, a labor advocate and former president of the National Writers' Union, who has based his longshot campaign on Clinton's vote in 2002 authorizing military intervention in Iraq.

Clinton, who is widely considered the front-runner for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination if she chooses to run, has sharply criticized the Bush Administration's handling of the war. But she has also refused to call for American troops to be removed from Iraq.
Sarandon has been a harsh critic of Clinton's vote on the war, telling a British television interviewer last month that Clinton had "crumbled under the pressure of the moment." She also told ITV1 that she wasn't enthusiastic about a Clinton presidential candidacy.

I really don't care about what actors have to say about politics, even when I agree with them. But far too many people in this country do care, and see people like Clooney and Sarandon as political leaders for the left. So I'll take what I can get here, and be glad that an "important" voice like Susan's is articulating what most of us here already believe: Hillary is a disappointment at best as a Senator, and given her voting record with respect to things like our Middle East policy and her aquiescence to Bush in general, she is a poor choice for the party.

Check out the article's language. Again, our media can't just report the facts, it's always got to provide "balance." Why does it matter that Sarandon joined with Clinton at a spinal cord research rally in the past? Oh, that's right- because we all know liberal women are fickle and stupid and mercurial and are always changing their minds, so just forget that some guy who said some stuff about some war somewhere is running against "the front runner."

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