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Shamelessness Outstays Its Welcome

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It's been nearly a month since it happened, and there's been curiously little news coverage, but this is important for several reasons.

Westboro Baptist Church's "leader's" grandson was stomping a flag at one of the cult's signature "protests" at a soldier's funeral -- and the local law enforcement arrested the charming tot's mother. Perhaps America is beginning to come to its senses after all. Or maybe the Westboro Baptist cult has finally exceeded, at last, the bounds of shamelessness Americans are willing to put up with in the name of freedom.

Protesting the funerals of fallen American service members, the cult's activities have galvanized the legislatures of more than 30 states to enact laws prohibiting its favored tactics. More importantly, the church did not show up for at least two funerals it had promised to picket since this incident occurred. Is it possible that, at last, someone is investigating this rotten little dysfunctional cohort and its abusive practices?
If so, it's about time.

Westboro Baptist, like "Operation:Rescue" before it, claims to put forth the word of God.

But like Randall Terry, the anti-choice leader of the anti-abortion protests that paralyzed towns, Fred Phelps is a one-hit wonder; and like Operation:Rescue, Westboro Baptist has finally run up against "victims" who choose not to be victimized.

Would that the law had stopped these hysterical homophobics from crying "Fire" in a crowded theater back when their protests started. The cultists' increasingly desperate proclivity for incivility began with their march to "protest" Matthew Shepard's funeral in 1998.

Since then the original victims of the hate Phelps' group spews have turned his clan's appearances into fundraisers, and other groups have arisen to protest the WBC; some, including a Falwell follower, have attempted to do more than speak against the protester. Others have banded together to protect the families of soldiers, and the services for the fallen, from the sight and sound of these disturbed persons' antics at memorial and funeral occasions.

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