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Shallow, Craven Messaging of Shallow, Craven Governance


So what wasn’t and isn’t seriously on the discussion table during the highly publicized presidential and vice-presidential debates this month which have averaged 70 or so million citizen viewers?

Poverty, homelessness, unemployment, white collar crime, foreclosures, racism and classism especially re prison populations, church over state usurpation of civil rights, devastation of cultural and physical public infrastructures through privatization and austerity under-funding or non-funding, torture accountability, drones, extrajudicial assassination, economic “sanctions” of foreigners causing massive suffering, illegitimate wars, the bloated military budget, death squad “diplomacy” a/k/a “humanitarian interventions”, military deaths and maimings (psychological and physical) and suicides, gun control, the dangers of nuclear power, nuclear armament, hydrofracking, legalization of medical and/or non-medical marijuana, veterans issues, erosion of women’s rights, union-busting, immigration, bank usury, colossal student debt, US CIA operatives and NATO special forces conspiring with Al Qaeda terrorists to achieve regime change in Libya and Syria, election fraud, gay rights, obscene amounts of money monopolizing media access by self-serving sociopathic corporatists, police state repression of the rights of free speech, assembly and privacy, escalating gratuitous and deadly police force, media blackouts of third party election candidates, US government enabling of countries such as Israel grossly violating human rights, escalation of weapons trading, private contractor exploitation of military funding, health industry profiteering at the cost of citizen welfare, etc., etc. etc.

The list could go on but I only had a minute.

Forgive me for not, in this blog at least, delving into the “lesser evil” game or even the “hang ANY moral issue but let’s talk who came off cooler and cleverer on the teebee.” The "magic box." The “idiot box" as my dad used to call it. From whence only and surreally the ultimate in superficial is now heralded.

What now passes for American journalism and “politics” is a total focus and obsession on “style” to the near exclusion of substance, and to the TOTAL exclusion of moral substance.

Part of this shallow and corrupt status quo regimen is a media seemingly scrambling to second guess what the reaction of “average” Americans is to what the media hails as significant political events and choices for us. How ironic, since we “average Americans” have been propagandized to an inch of our lives -- or, more accurately, souls -- by 24/7 pro-corporate propaganda blather. These corporate-media analyses of our supposed personal analyses are simply more exercises in amoral propaganda.

The reality is that the political, corporatist and corporate-media classes have been telling us for spiritually eroding decades now what to think and more importantly what to feel. No, let me rephrase that. What NOT to feel and HOW NOT TO FEEL.

I think back to the OJ trial outcome, where the gamesmanship of “winning” on legal technicalities, pr manipulation or tapping into racial backlash was translated for us by an amoral and hysterical media as what really counted. It was a turning point. It was the end of any corporate-media commitment to serious messaging of reality, decency and moral justice. The American media complex jumped the proverbial shark. Doomed us to the non-stop soul-less titlllating “info-tainment” that passes for national “communication” of relevant news and issues.

Our ruling political class ruled by a sociopathic corporate class and our amoral media also ruled by said sociopathic corporate class foster and celebrate “ends justifies the means” winning and style over substance -- over common sense and decency. We Americans are encouraged to leave our consciences at the door as we are offered the cheap bleachers of the national coliseum to play our prescribed roles as bloodlusting, schadenfreude, jingoistic supporters of America’s global or domestic often Orwellianly mislabelled contests such as “The War on Terror.” At the moment the contest is electing our choice for President of the United States.

OUR choice? That’s rich.

Inner sirens of cognitive dissonance is often as spiritually promising as it gets for most of us Americans. We feel impotent, cynical and/or numbed out. We feel overwhelmed by the hype. The propaganda. The robustly accepted and even celebrated anti-humane power brokers of corruption and profiteering.

We as a nation become further and further lost to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To proverbial truth, justice and the faux-American way. The American way hasn’t been about truth or justice for a good long while.

Caught in the undertow of ever-escalating amorality, we drift ever farther from the shores of a representative democracy. One more election time we the people will throw away another opportunity to rescue ourselves and our country. We “choose” to oblige the corporatists and their pimped out political and media agents, by snatching “sure doom” from the jaws of “recovery.” One more election cycle we get to declare our permission for our government to continue on in the wrong, amoral direction.

For a second there we thought Obama had led us to the right track going the right direction. God, we sure got punked on that one. But such recognition won’t stop a great number of us from voting for him again. After all, the guy who so slickly punked us is the supposed “lesser evil” one.

There have been significant numbers of Americans actually admitting to pollsters they recognize the country is going the WRONG direction! We have two legacy corporate party candidates who GUARANTEE we will stay on a WRONG TRACK yet another four years. Track A or Track B -- not all that far apart morally speaking -- going due "WRONG". Don’t spin my head with thoughts of the “less wrong” direction. A wrong direction is away from THE right direction! Moving along either wrong Track A or B takes us all farther and farther from the right direction.

Too bad our citizenry can’t begin to rally serious support for people READY, WILLING and ABLE -- like Jill Stein of the Green Party or other third party candidates -- to pursue the right direction. That tragically isn’t going to happen for yet ANOTHER four years thanks to our corporate-captured government, those pimped out political representatives on BOTH sides of the aisle (hang your lesser evilism rationales), our corporate-controlled media and way too many citizens apparently awaiting that perfect engraved invitation to get their asses in gear to actually save this country from fascism. We are a country with far too many citizens who lack will, common sense and a “citizen” identity.

Why won’t Americans trust third party candidates who refuse bribes, who refuse to put corporate needs over citizen ones? Many of these citizens claim they won’t trust these third party candidates because they are not robustly supported (let’s face it, not at all mentioned) by the corporate-media that is totally on the side of corporatists exploiting these very same citizens. DUH!!!

The blacking out by the CORPORATE-media of third party candidates is precisely what should make these candidates precious and attractive to us. These candidates want to champion and protect and assert OUR NEEDS and the needs of our descendants. The needs of our very globe. Please see that list at the beginning of this blog of issues the third party candidates are earnestly trying to put on the national discussion table. The many issues being insultingly and dangerously (for us, anyway) ignored by our politicians and our media.

Tragically too many of the media-hypnotized herd ignore their own self-interests and the interests of desperate fellow citizens and fellow global human beings. Since the interests of humanity are not addressed and prioritized by corporate-media they are neglected and ignored by these citizens.

If the CORPORATE-media doesn’t praise candidates who are trying to wrest illegitimate and obscene control from the corporatists, corporatists who are simultaneously economically raping the US citizenry and engineering massive global suffering and environmental devastation, most of our citizens won’t give an ounce of attention or support to the REAL CHAMPIONS of decency, humanity and progress!! Instead, these enthralled by corporate-media citizens further empower the evil corporate predators as well as these predators' political and media agents.


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Submitted by Jay on

There appears to be a loosely-coordinated long con directed toward a sort of soft fascism, propagated by government and business interests along the same outlines as those that were directed against South American countries during the cold war. In little democracies , our intelligence organs waged a ceaseless tug-of-war by infiltrating, then co-opting every facet of society, starting with the chamber of commerce, the labor unions, the press, pressure groups such as student unions and special interests, finally opposition political parties and judges. Witness how our union leadership collaborates with industry, how AARP leadership is neutral on cuts to Social Security, how the press overreacts to criticism by bloggers (and subsequent calls for "Oh Dear, Time for Another Blogger Ethics Panel"), how the DLC/Clinton/Steny Hoyer/Obama have turned the Democratic Party into a competing business interest for political contributions and a means to "pragmatic compromise" on bright-line policy matters. Each of these facets reinforces the other, particularly the corporatist propaganda.

Part of the problem is that the ringleaders are diffuse and well funded, such that it is difficult to dislodge them as easily as revoking the diplomatic immunity of the staff of a single embassy and asking them to leave the country immediately.

At this point, it seems like the only occasion for prying them from their roosts would be a societal collapse that makes their advantages meaningless, such as a financial collapse that would make their money worthless, and their governance impossible to enforce. Sadly, their pathologically selfish ideological conceitedness--which is ultimately self-defeating--appears to be bending us toward that chaotic event horizon. On a global scale.

One bright spot has been the Occupy Movement, which resembles student protests of yesteryear, but spontaneously erupted to general approval, and included more than just young idealists. Hopefully similar protests in Europe will take down the leadership of a country a la East Germany's Erich Honecker, and the resulting regime will reject the Euro and any calls to backstop the debt of private banks within their borders. I think the Nobel Committee recognized that monetary wars lead to trade wars, and that trade wars lead to "politics by other means," as von Clausewitz dubbed real war, and that's why they prophylactically conferred the Peace Prize on Europe. But as with a certain Constitutional Scholar and Nobel Peace Prize winning U.S. President, I have the feeling they will be disappointed.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

sorry so slow to see this! You write:

"Sadly, their pathologically selfish ideological conceitedness--which is ultimately self-defeating--appears to be bending us toward that chaotic event horizon. On a global scale."

Too bad the rest of us have to be collateral damage! karma can be a b*tch, can be slow, and takes out those in the vicinity of the target too often, and first or simultaneously or later or all of the above!

best, libby