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Server woes

UPDATE Behind the scenes, the studly new server is being readied, and hopefully will be built and installed at some point tonight. All the problems have been the result of bumping up against the limits of a server that we've been using since 2006, which is a century or so in hamster years. Basically, the new features I was hoping to roll out, but which are not yet visible, brought the hamsters to their knees, if hamsters have knees. For a few hours, there may be some loss of access for some, as the Gods of DNS Propagation do their work. I'll post a heads-up when that happens.

* * *

Sorry, people, for the server woes. I thought I'd be putting a new and more studly server online over the weekend, but that didn't happen. I'm going to push ahead with that pronto, and not wait for next weekend, so it's possible there may be more downtime tomorrow.

[pounds head on desk]

However, I think that at least the IE woes are fixed. Yes?

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