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Seriously good press for once

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CBC nails it again with The Fifth Estate episode You Should Have Stayed Home all about the TO G20.

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the strategy here was for the police to hold back at the outset allowing agent provocateurs both to incite, or carry out, acts of vandalism and then to slip away from the scene having staged just enough mayhem for news cameras to provide a justification for the police crackdown.

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... has strategic value from the start. The violence becomes the counter-narrative, instead of the narrative.

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especially outdoors, in a large group. And in the case of the Quebecois, they were the victims of a "tip" that they had been, and were planning to be, violent, a bogus claim all the way around. The question is, how to "control" for provacateurs, and plants, and planted disinformation?

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People here do not realize how sophisticated the Establishment is in these matters.