If you have "no place to go," come here!

THIS is a SERIOUS protest! Madrid approximately 30m ago:


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Reminds of the the NY anti-war protest just before we invaded Iraq...and the pro-choice rallies in the 80's. I long for the good ole days in this country.

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heart warming inspiration.. thank you.

Now, let's hope these people take it to the rich neighborhoods.

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Those links take me to Greece.

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... but the pictures show a damned big demo, and the stories one hears from participants are really, really interesting and creative (and from "all walks of life," too). And yet, oddly, or not, the story isn't covered in our famously free press at all. Now consider the likelihood of anything domestic being covered, given the coverage of Europe. I realize I'm arguing "They are not showing it to us, therefore it must exist," but I do think that at some point -- Two, three, many Madisons -- a goodly number of people will simultaneously stand up. We are just a lot further behind the Europeans, that's all. But the trajectory is the same.