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SerfCare and the Lords of Change

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Check it out, from FDL no less. It will make you laugh! and then, likely, cry.

h/t bboomer at TC.

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that Dean was thinking about primary-ing Obama if the wheels come off his Administration. All those recent media appearances, many of which were fairly critical of Obama do make me wonder.

I was never a Dean-iac and his performances recently (PO is Medicare, didn't notice sexism during the 2008 primary because don't watch cable news) don't exactly make me love or trust the guy. But still, any threat to Obama from the "left" - no matter how faux left it might be - would be welcome if only to get it into people's heads that they do not - in fact - have to hope for or work for Obama's re-election. Plus, since Dean was one of the insiders who helped put Obama where he is, it would be entertaining to now see him try to take him down.

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without actually winning, that would be a bonus. However at FDL the conversation seems to reflect an idea of Dean as Hope & Change 1.0, rather than as a tool to push the window left. It's exactly the same flavor of savior-worship we saw with Obama, just on a smaller scale. But still with a significant downside for potential toxicity to the blogosphere's version of political discourse.

Some days I struggle a lot with the whole any-stick doctrine, and Dean is an example. Aside from the misogyny and poisoning the single payer conversation, Dean was a player in throwing the primaries to Obama, which should really be a big fat DQ to anyone who values democracy. On the other hand, if he could play spoiler and move Democrats leftward, that's a big bonus. Esp. if he achieved it off the efforts of "progressives" still stuck in searching-for-a-messiah fairyland. It's like the delicious but tragic irony of progressives' support for the PO; yeah, it's a roach motel but it's the failure of Obama to even allow a Potemkin PO into the health insurance legislation which finally made the light bulb go off in people's heads that hey, he's not our Progressive Savior.

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that he did. I think it was in New Hampshire. He was amazing. He stood on that stage for four hours, with his shirt sleeves rolled up and answered every question that came his way. People were wandering in and out of the hall. Some of the questions were incredibly hostile. He was unflappable and obviously knew the issues and out. The only candidates I've ever seen perform better at a townhall were Bill and Hillary. He wasn't quite on their level, but he came closer than anyone I've ever seen. That was impressive.

For my money, I'm only voting for Hillary. And I'm expecting that ultimately there will be a lot of people like me.

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As a commenter on the piece points out - SerfCare - is a good name for whatever POS gets passed out of this mess.