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Sequestration and the need for emergent parties

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The blame game only makes sense in a two party political culture. Negative politics works because no matter how many people you alienate, you win if you can take the other down. But if there were another party, your taking the other party down just gives an opening to the third party. And this is probably how the Green Party will win, there will be a situation where the Democrat and Republican take each other out and the Green Party candidate will be the only one left standing.

Which brings us to sequestration, this would not be happening if the Green Party was a credible threat. Because the Democrats would realize they are just discrediting themselves and creating a space for an emergent party.

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I wish I were convinced that attacking each other would bring two goliaths down. But if US history is any judge, the Scary!Other!Party button will simply be pressed enough to keep the troops in line. Just as happened this past year, when people who actually knew how odious Obama was, and at least had some vague conception of the things he'd done, went ahead and voted for him anyway because they could only conceive of the GOP otherwise winning.

So they basically told the Dems to do their worst and assume a character completely like the GOP, and they'd still vote them into office. I was assured myself that my vote for Jill Stein simply meant handing over the country to rape, rapine, and dementia. I can't think voters who are too used to binary voting will ever break out and see a new sky.

But I hope I'm wrong, and that you're right.

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I will continue to support emergent parties and withhold my support from the legacy parties, just because it's the right thing to do. But after the Obama betrayal and the lack of popular reaction I have no real hope for this country.

The most hope I can muster is that this country will become a lot less powerful over the next ten or twenty years and its global leadership successors will do a better job.